PLC Stamp Micro 2

The Powerline Communication module PLC Stamp Micro 2 gives your application access to powerline communication based on the HomePlug® Green PHY™ Chip QCA 7005.

The galvanic isolation from the power line as well as the power supply is left to you so that you can design it right for your application.

Additionally, we offer our V2G Core as an ISO 15118 software solution to complement the PLC Stamp Micro 2, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance for your projects.

Different Connections

You can realize point-to-point and multi-point connections depending on your application. The data will be transmitted as Ethernet packets over the power line. This gives you the opportunity to use TCP/IP or whatever network protocols you wish to use.


You can freely select the galvanic isolation from the powerline and the power supply so that it perfectly meets the requirements for your application.

The QCA7005 by Qualcomm Atheros ensures compatibility with many other commercial powerline devices.


Smallest broadband powerline module
System interface: SPI, UART (TTL level)
All QCA 7005 GPIOs are available
On-board QCA 7005 flash memory
SMD solderable


Interconnecting household appliances to the Smart Grid
Connecting smart meters to Smart Meter Gateways and/or LAN/WAN/WiFi
Connecting sensors and photovoltaic equipment
Connecting heating and air conditioning system
Coupling machines and measurement devices
Forwarding digital signals (remote I/O)
Coupling of RF cells for home automation

To see how the module can be used please have a look at the PLC Stamp Micro 2 Evaluationboard.


Powerline Controller Qualcomm QCA7005
Temperature Range -40°C - 85°C
Power Supply 3.3 V
Power Consumption 0.5 W
Data Rate 10 Mbit/s max.
Reach 300 m max.
Outline Dimensions 22 mm x 22 mm x 4.5 mm
Interfaces Powerline: 230 V AC, 110 V AC, DC, dead-wire 2-wire-connections / Serial interfaces: UART or SPI (order option)
Weight 3.3g
Other RoHS / REACH Compliant