About us

We are a leading solution provider for the link of sustainable e-mobility and energy.

Our team is highly specialized - with more than 10 years of experience in powerline communication, our development team offers a wide range of expertise in all aspects of charging communication. We actively work in various powerline associations, such as CharIN, OCA (Open Charge Alliance) or BEM.

Our products are developed and manufactured in Germany and shipped worldwide.

10+ years of excellence in powerline

in-tech smart charging was established under the name I2SE and based in Leipzig.

In the 1990s, the team started to develop the first products for powerline communication.

In 2018, I2SE was acquired by automotive specialist in-tech, who offers a broad portfolio of development services and products related to electric vehicles and their infrastructure. 

I2SE was rebranded to in-tech smart charging. Our name has changed - the team hasn't.

In 2022, in-tech smart charging was rebranded to chargebyte. Again, our name has changed - the team hasn't.

Green Heartbeat

It is not only our products themselves that contribute to sustainability. Acting responsibly and conserving resources accompanies all our decisions, as for example plastic-free packaging and paperless internal processes.

High Quality

The quality of our products is our top priority. All our product development and manufacturing takes place in Germany. We pay attention to technically optimized and durable products with low return rates and binding supply chains.

Passion for Products

We are proud of our products! We drive their development and optimization with passion. We flexibly and agilely incorporate employee and customer ideas. We accompany their use with professional support to achieve the best result.

No Boundaries

In development, we work across locations according to methods such as SCRUM in self-organized teams with a high level of technical expertise. Flat hierarchies, open communication and the freedom to try out new things characterize us.

Open Minded

We are a colorful mix, with different origins, orientation and language. We are all united by an open and friendly cooperation, which goes hand in hand with trust in each individual and their work from the very beginning. This also means that our private lives always come first.


Regardless of whether you are a newcomer, a specialist or a manager - we thrive on the further development of our employees and support them. That's why we focus on long-term cooperation, where knowledge is built up and shared.

Get Shit Done

There is a problem? Then we will find a solution! We approach our tasks pragmatically and optimistically. We all pitch in and deliver results, even when things get stressful.


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