Davybox EVK

Introducing the Davybox, a sophisticated evaluation tool that gives you the opportunity to discover all the possibilities of EVerest.

As chargebyte is deeply committed to the EVerest open-source project, the Davybox is designed to foster open-source solutions in the electromobility landscape and enable the practical evaluation of the EVerest platform under real-life conditions.

Its remarkable versatility and the adaptable design, with peripherals mounted on DIN rails, allows for quick component exchanges and experimentation.

Featuring a standard Mode 3 11kW Wallbox with one socket, the Davybox offers variants up to 44kW with two sockets or attached cables, ensuring adaptability to diverse charging needs.

The Davybox is equipped with essential components including a DC-RCD, an Eastron SDM72D meter for every charging socket, a built-in RFID reader, and two sets of 20 individually addressable RGB LEDs. This allows customizable lighting configurations, enhancing the unit's adaptability to various environments.


Full integration with the EVerest software, including access to developmental versions and updates
Root access to the charge controller terminal via SSH for complete control
Compliance with ISO 15118-2 AC, IEC 61851, DIN 70121, and ISO 15118-2 DC protocols
Plug and Charge features
Fake DC functionality to obtain MAC addresses and State of Charge (SOC) data even for AC charging
Compatibility with OCPP versions 1.6 and 2.0.1
Integrated RFID reader for user identification
A single addressable 40 LED display for user interface customization
Sophisticated load and energy management systems
Smartphone app access for user interaction and monitoring

Development Notice: The Davybox features will evolve alongside EVerest's development, reflecting chargebyte's dynamic innovation. It's designed to align closely with evolving electromobility standards. Expect regular updates as EVerest's capabilities are expanded.

Usage Advisory: The Davybox is exclusively intended for evaluation and development by professionals in the electromobility sector. It should only be utilized with electric vehicles under controlled conditions. The sale is limited to prioritize empowering wallbox manufacturers with advanced technology rather than competing with end products in the market.