Charge Module S

Charge Module S is a compact unit containing three high level charging protocols and is mapping them to a simple CAN interface to your host-controller.
This modular solution enables your own ECU to be easily extended with the full set of smart charging functionality.

Tripple Charging Stack

Supporting ISO 15118-2, ISO 15118-20, and DIN 70121 this small unit allows all benefits of smart charging.

DC Fast Charging and Bidirectional addon

Use this module in your new assembly variant to empower your present electronic with high level communication for DC fast charging or bidirectional charging.

On Module Diagnosis

The module comes with a UDS Bootloader and several powerful diagnostic services like firmware update, internal error memory and PLC recording.
This interface can be accessed from or forwarded by the host-controller.

Backward compatible

Also supporting IEC 61851 and J1772 our module allows use cases with low level communication AC charging.


Tripple Charging Stack with ISO 15118-2, ISO 15118-20 and DIN 70121
Bidirectional charging support according to ISO-20 DC/DC_BPT
AC High level charging according to ISO-20 AC/AC_BPT (coming soon)
Certificate handling and Plug and Charge for ISO-2 and ISO-20 (coming soon)
Additional value added service for ISO-2 like VDV261
Transceiverless CAN interface to host controller

If you are looking for a plug and play integration with our Charge Module S, please take a look at our Charge Control L.

With our Charge Module S Evaluationboard you can also evaluate this module in your benchtop setup or for development.


Vehicle Side Charge Controller
Vehicle On Board Charger
Vehicle Power Distribution Unit extension
Vehicle Battery Management Unit extension
Vehicle Charging Simulator


Temperature -40 °C - 85 °C
Power supply 3.3 V
Current consumption max. 350 mA
Power consumption max. 1.2 W
Outline dimensions 50.8 x 30.48 mm
Weight < 10 g
Interfaces CP (PWM+PLC), PP and CAN
Other RoHS / REACH Compliant