Charge Control L

Charge Control L is the stand-alone charge controller for electrical vehicles.
It combines latest charging standards with a complete feature set to realize fast charging use cases efficiently.

Triple Charging Stack

Supporting ISO 15118-2, ISO 15118-20, and DIN 70121 this stand-alone controller allows all benefits of smart charging.

Inlet and HMI Control

The CCL is all you need to take care of your inlet with temperature sensors, lock actuator and CCS interface (CP, PP, PE) with PLC.

The CCL can realize a human machine interface with up to 4 LEDs and one button.

High voltage contactor control

You can directly connect your HV contactors to the CCL or use CAN controlled contactors.

Use parameters to configure the architecture which fits your needs.

Functional Safety

The CCL is developed according to ISO26262 with a maximum safety level of ASIL-B.

Our safety element out of context development makes it easy to integrate it to your process.

Cyber Security

The present cyber security concept and realization documents help you satisfy regulatory requirements.

On Board Diagnosis

The controller comes with a UDS Bootloader and several powerful diagnostic services like firmware update, internal error memory and PLC recording.


Tripple Charging Stack with ISO 15118-2, ISO 15118-20 and DIN 70121
Bidirectional charging support according to ISO-20 DC/DC_BPT
European road clearance according to ECE R10 (E1-certifcate)
Cyber Security concept realized to satisfy regulations R155 and R156
AC High level charging according to ISO-20 AC/AC_BPT (coming soon)
Certificate handling and Plug and Charge for ISO-2 and ISO-20 (coming soon)
Additional value added service for ISO-2 like VDV261
Direct or CAN connected high voltage contactors
Auxiliary features like Interlock-Loop and HMI can be enabled via parameters
Direct Integration of intelligent high voltage measurement unit

If you are looking for a solution to integrate these featues to your already present ECU, please take a look at our Charge Module S.

For your first integration, evaluation or test stand you might use our break-out box, making all interfaces from the Charge Control L accessible on your benchtop setup.


Vehicle Side Charge Controller
Vehicle Power Distribution Unit
Vehicle Battery Management Unit
Vehicle Charging Simulator


Temperature -40°C - 85°C
Power Supply 12V or 24V (9-36V)
Sleep current consumption < 0.3mA
Current consumption 10 A (peripheral dependent)
Power consumption 24 W (peripheral dependent)
Outline dimensions 153.2 mm x 134.6 mm x 47 mm
Interfaces Inlet (PLC, Temp, Lock), HMI, HV-Contactors, Interlock, 2x CAN
Weight 400g
Protection IP69k
Other RoHS / REACH Compliant

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