03. April 2024 Press release

Infypower is joining chargebyte for the 2024 ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup Season

With this collaboration, the team has rebranded as the Infypower chargebyte e-Rally Team

As the electric motorsport world gears up for another exhilarating season, Shenzhen Infypower, a leading Chinese manufacturer of power electronics, has joined forces with German manufacturer of charging controllers chargebyte as name sponsor in this ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup season. With this collaboration, the team has rebranded as the Infypower chargebyte e-Rally Team. The team's headquarters will remain with owner and driver Johannes Wittenbeck in the greater metropolitan area of Munich. 

Entering their second season and the fourth iteration of this esteemed cup, the team is poised for an electrifying performance across eight rally events spanning five countries. Building on last year's progress, the team anticipates intense competition, with notable changes including an expanded presence in France and the Netherlands, in addition to the rally events in Germany and Austria, while bidding farewell to Switzerland's rally from last year. The season will culminate again in the prestigious World Rally Championship (WRC) event in the border triangle Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany around Passau mid of October, promising another electrifying climax to the series.

The team is proud to announce significant developments and partnerships for the upcoming 2024 campaign. Expressing his enthusiasm for the season ahead, rally driver Johannes Wittenbeck remarked, "I am very happy to present two names on our car which are strong partners in the world of e-mobility and are pushing technology forward. I think we found the perfect pairing for this project and I am really looking forward to this season. Our young team is very ambitious and we have a few more possibilities this year."

Renowned for their cutting-edge technology utilized in chargers worldwide, Shenzhen Infypower's partnership underscores the growing significance of electrification in motorsports and beyond. Continuing the commitment to advancing electric rallying, chargebyte reaffirms its dedication to the project, viewing it as a testament to the viability of electric technology. By showcasing the capabilities of electric vehicles in rally conditions, chargebyte aims to inspire broader adoption of sustainable mobility solutions. 

While embracing this new identity, the team will retain the support of the ADAC Team Südbayern by continuing to race under their license in the cup. As anticipation mounts for the start of the 2024 ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup season, the Infypower chargebyte e-Rally Team stands ready to electrify rally again with their unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and performance. 

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