04. December 2020 Press release

Fundable charging stations with Charge Control C

Manufacturers of charging stations can guarantee their customers the eligibility for KfW funding

A new KfW support program for private charging stations came into force on November 24, 2020. With this program, the German federal government supports newly installed charging stations at privately used parking spaces in residential buildings.

Eligible costs are the purchase price of a new charging station as well as the costs for installation and connection, including all installation work. Manufacturers of charging stations have to meet the technical requirements for the subsidy.

With our Charge Control C charging controller, manufacturers can easily meet all the requirements for KfW funding.

Eligible charging stations must meet the following criteria:

  • Charging capacity of exactly 11 kW or more

  • Charging modes 3 or 4 according to DIN EN IEC 61851-1

  • 3-phase power supply

  • Secure digital, bidirectional communication interface and control via common, standardized communication protocols to communicate with other components within the energy system

  • It must be possible to limit the power of the charging station via the control unit or to postpone it according to appropriate specifications

  • Secure software update capability for future technical developments and new functions

  • Ability to respond to specifications and schedules of the power and energy management system for maximum grid connection power values from authorized entities

  • It must be possible to control the charging station at the request of the network operator

Charge Control C complies with all these requirements. By using Charge Control C in their devices, manufacturers of charging stations can guarantee their customers subsidy eligibility and have their devices included in the list of eligible charging stations published by the KfW.

Feature overview Charge Control C

  • Backend connection via OCPP

  • 1.6 Powerline Communication (PLC) according to ISO 15118

  • Dynamic load management via OCPP 1.6 smart charging

  • Regular software updates

  • Freely programmable thanks to open Linux on Yocto base

  • Locking and unlocking as well as emergency unlocking of the charging plug

  • Integration of DC residual current sensors according to IEC 62955 possible

  • Control of the charging contactor

  • Temperature management of the charging station

  • Status display via configurable LED patterns (via 12V output)

  • Communication interfaces:

    • Ethernet

    • WiFi/4G modem via USB adapter p

    • ossible RFID card reader

    • Meter connection via RS 485

    • Powerline communication for the backend connection

About us

chargebyte supplies hardware and software products for all aspects of charging communication. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of powerline communication, the company offers solutions for the charging function in electric vehicles as well as in charging stations. The award-winning products rely on forward-looking technologies such as Vehicle-2-Grid, which turns vehicles into temporary energy storage devices. The products are developed and manufactured in Germany and are used worldwide.