23. September 2020 Press release

Charge Module S - the first automotive-ready powerline module on the market

in-tech smart charging launches a new powerline module for in-vehicle use

Powerline communication for electric mobility: in-tech smart charging GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of in-tech GmbH, launches a new charge controller: Charge Module S is specially designed for in-vehicle use and is based on a slim and powerful embedded architecture. Its compact size and automotive-compatible hardware make the module ideal for in-vehicle use. Car manufacturers can integrate the module into their own charging hardware to create a powerful solution optimized for automotive applications.

in-tech smart charging specializes in products for powerline communication - from individual communication modules to ready-to-use systems. The powerline products are used in electric vehicles and charging stations, for building automation and in a variety of other applications.

Ideal for automotive control units and charging infrastructure

The new Charge Module S can be integrated directly into the vehicle control unit (VCU) of the electric vehicle to control the charging process. It is connected to the vehicle control unit via SPI or CAN. In addition, Charge Module S can also be used in charging stations, for example, if space is limited. The module can also be used on both sides by vehicle manufacturers who wish to offer their own charging infrastructure.

Support of all important standards

Just like the other products from in-tech smart charging, Charge Module S supports all common features such as Plug and Charge or bidirectional charging. With the standards ISO15118/DIN70121 for DC charging and IEC61851 and ISO15118 for AC applications the module meets all current standards. "Charge Module S uses our V2G software stack on an embedded platform and is optimally suited for automotive applications thanks to its small footprint", explains Thomas Wagner, Managing Director of in-tech smart charging GmbH.

Availability and outlook for new charging controller

Charge Module S is now available for pre-order as a developer sample and will be available in Q4. For customers looking for a complete solution, in-tech smart charging will also be launching a ready-to-use charge controller for electric vehicles at the end of the year.

About us

chargebyte supplies hardware and software products for all aspects of charging communication. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of powerline communication, the company offers solutions for the charging function in electric vehicles as well as in charging stations. The award-winning products rely on forward-looking technologies such as Vehicle-2-Grid, which turns vehicles into temporary energy storage devices. The products are developed and manufactured in Germany and are used worldwide.