21. June 2021 Press release

Charge Module E: Compact new communication controller for charging stations

New module with intelligent V2G software can be used in wallboxes or fast charging stations

Real-time capable, compact and "ready-to-use" - in-tech smart charging GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of in-tech GmbH, has developed a new charging module for the electric mobility market. Charge Module E is suitable for both fast-charging stations and wall boxes and is ready-to-use with its intelligent software. The module manages the entire charging process, so the user no longer has to worry about communication between the charging station and the e-vehicle.

Designed in accordance with ISO15118 and DIN70121, the new Charge Module E handles all high-level communication for controlling the charging process in the charging pole or wallbox. For this purpose, the product has been optimized for powerline charging communication. It manages the communication to the electric vehicle (EV) and also takes care of the protocol formalities of DIN 70121 as well as ISO 15118-2.

Intelligent software integrated

In addition, it is able to communicate with the EV via Powerline using the common ISO15118 or DIN70121 protocols and provides the application with the necessary parameters via the CAN bus, for example. It uses in-tech's proprietary V2G charging stack in an embedded platform with a small footprint. The firmware is easy to update and guarantees for the product to be ready for all future ISO 15118 applications, such as V2G and PnC (Plug and Charge). By placing some additional components on the PCB, the Charge Module E is also able to manage CP (Control Pilot) and PP (Proximity Pilot) interface according to IEC61851 / SAE J1772.

Other features:

  • HomePlug Green PHY 1.1

  • Dual mode ISO15118/DIN70121 SW stack (DC)

  • IEC61851 / SAE J1772

  • CAN interface

  • SPI interface

  • Ethernet interface

  • Prepared for ISO15118 (AC)

  • Prepared for Plug and Charge

  • Prepared for bidirectional charging

Affordable and compact

"Unlike our existing products with similar functionality, the Charge Module E is much more compact and also considerably more affordable. Therefore, the product has been deliberately designed for high volumes and is therefore particularly interesting for manufacturers of wallboxes," explains Thomas Wagner, Managing Director of in-tech smart charging GmbH.

About us

chargebyte supplies hardware and software products for all aspects of charging communication. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of powerline communication, the company offers solutions for the charging function in electric vehicles as well as in charging stations. The award-winning products rely on forward-looking technologies such as Vehicle-2-Grid, which turns vehicles into temporary energy storage devices. The products are developed and manufactured in Germany and are used worldwide.