28. March 2023 Press release

Bidirectional charging: chargebyte overcomes EXI hurdle with release of own open source software

chargebyte releases software products with PIONIX to decode ISO standard 15118 for bidirectional charging

chargebyte GmbH enables the general public for the first time to build an efficient ISO 15118-20 layer and thus bidirectional charging stations. The provider of hardware and software in the field of charging communication releases the software products "cbEXIGen" and "cbV2G" as part of the open source project "EVerest" of the Linux Foundation Energy. The project was initiated by PIONIX GmbH and aims to develop a universal operating system for any kind of charging infrastructure in a broad industry alliance.

With the highly efficient EXI de- and encoder cbEXIGen it is possible to convert the V2G XML schema from ISO 15118 or DIN 70121 into compact C code. This is perfectly suitable for all hardware platforms. The software library cbV2G maps all common communication standards from ISO 15118-2 and DIN 70121 and is continuously extended by further standards (e.g. ISO 15118-20). The aim of the publication is to advance e-mobility even faster.

Thomas Wagner, CEO of chargebyte GmbH explains: "The faster the development of e-mobility progresses, the sooner it can make a significant contribution to the energy transition. We believe that everyone needs to be able to build bidirectional charging stations to stabilize the power grid. We want to accelerate this process by breaking new ground and overcoming the EXI hurdle of ISO 15118."

Marco Möller, CEO of PIONIX GmbH and Chairman of EVerest added: "We are extremely pleased to welcome chargebyte to our ecosystem. The latest addition to EVerest is the latest building block in a long chain to now enable industrial-grade bi-directional charging in addition to OCPP, power management, hardware abstraction and simulation."

Click here to find the new software products cbEXIGen and cbV2G on Github.

About us

chargebyte supplies hardware and software products for all aspects of charging communication. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of powerline communication, the company offers solutions for the charging function in electric vehicles as well as in charging stations. The award-winning products rely on forward-looking technologies such as Vehicle-2-Grid, which turns vehicles into temporary energy storage devices. The products are developed and manufactured in Germany and are used worldwide.