Charge SOM

The Charge SOM is a future-proof powerhouse based on iMX9x for AC and DC charging stations.

With universal compatibility, advanced safety features and lots of options for customization, the Charge SOM is the core of your EVSE portfolio.

Limitless hardware configurations

The System-On-Module hosts CP-generation and High-Level-Charging via Powerline communication, as well as a safety processor.
It can be attached directly to custom hardware or combined with a fully customizable carrier board.

Open Source Charging Stack

The Charge SOM represents the first flexible EVSE-on-module solution based on EVerest.
It comes with plug-and-play hardware support for the EVerest stack.


Works with CCS1 / CCS2 and NACS according to IEC 61851, SAE J1772, and ISO 15118, ensuring smooth communication with all types of EVs
A co-processor monitors and controls CP and PP signals, DC circuit breakers and other vital components (IEC 61508)
Maintained Yocto BSP with full hardware support in EVerest
TPM for secure hardware-based key storage
RTC for precise timekeeping


For future-proof AC and DC charging stations and wallboxes
Ready for modern AC/DC BiDi and V2G applications
Comes with Smartphone App and optional Energy Management services
For home, semi-public and public settings

To learn more about the Smartphone APP and optional Energy Management, click here.