Charge Control D

Our new DC charge controller is a compact charge controller for EVSE and provides all important features for DC charging.
It is DIN 70121 and ISO 15118 compliant and communicates between EVSE and EV via PWM signaling Control Pilot and Proximity Pilot.

WiFi and Bluetooth

Stands out with its integrated WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities directly on the board, providing unparalleled convenience and connectivity.

Functional Safety

Boasts development according to functional safety ISO 13849 with SIL 1, ensuring reliability and adherence to safety standards in EV charging.


ISO 15118 / DIN 70121
WiFi and Bluetooth
Ready for Plug and Charge
Ready for bidirectional charging
Ws2812b LED interface


Charge controller in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)
Optimized for DC Wallboxes
Dispenser Controller for Charging Parks or Fleet Charging


Temperature -40 °C - 85 °C
Power supply +5 V / +3.3 V
Power consumption max. 4.2 W
Outline Dimension 94.5 mm x 79.5 mm x 8.9 mm
Interfaces RS-485, CAN, Ethernet, Bluetooth, WiFi
Weight 90 g
Air humidity 95% rel. humidity (non condensing)
Other RoHS / REACH compliant