Customizable Display Solutions

Pre-series: Our modern display solutions are intuitive and guide users in an easy and convenient way.

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Our display solutions are customized for charging stations.

You need a solution which is fitting at best to your company style?

Design package

  • Intuitive charging display design
  • Animated sequences and clean design
  • Different Payment options
  • Multi-charging port solutions
  • AC and DC charging sequences
  • Customizable to your style and brand
  • Implement new use cases for charging


Use our prototypic solution to develop your charging panels!

Prototyping package

  • Prequalified LVDS based display hardware which works out of the box
  • Prototyping controller board with QT based application software


Are you using in-tech smart charging controller hardware?

Charging stack integration

  • MQTT-API to allow controlling the charging display from your controller
  • Compatible with Charge Control C
  • Software is extendable


Here is an example which shows you how we can serve your development approaches.

You might want to use our QT based application and you want to order the display design for a customized branding. You might have already decided for a display and a linux based display controller board.

At in-tech smart charging you can order your designed charging use cases and use our prepared software to show seamless integrated charging. You may want to build your own payment terminal or integrate the display into AC/DC charging stations. The open code approach will allow you to integrate your own written code for extensions and interconnection with further devices, like an EC-terminal.

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