AC Power Board

Pre-series: AC power board is a power delivery platform for charging vehicles with 3-phase AC charging stations.

The power board is a customized product for charging stations.

Our in-tech smart charging power board has been developed into a conceptual pre-series device that will be adapted to your exact needs and design. There is a huge demand in lowering the costs of EV charging station parts. The power board groups the main elements on one board which effectively reduces the cost and the assembly time. We will create the layout and design your customized product for EV charging stations according to your functional needs for smart charging. 

You work close together with our engineering to establish technical functionalities and the layout of your individual board. We will ensure the full compatibility to our products Charge Control C and Charge Module E.

Charge Control C is a controller which contains an adaptable linux-based software. It is highly accepted in the market for professional ISO 18118 AC charging with OCPP backend connectivity.

Charge Module E contains a real time stack to ensure conformance ISO 18118 charging for AC and DC charging products.

The AC power board is a power delivery platform for charging vehicles with 3-phase AC charging stations with up to 22 kW.

It provides an interface and DC-power-supply to execute smart charging with our charging controllers. The power board is IEC 62955 compliant because it includes its own residual direct current detection device. In consequence, cost-effective RCCB Type A or F devices can be used inside the charging station and replace the expansive RCCB Type B.

An integrated relay replaces the generally used contactor to control the charging process. We have integrated direct connectivity over the power board to an KLEFR electricity meter to additionally reduce wiring effort. An interface is also provided to connect the locking motor. The modular structure makes it possible to customize the board according to the customer requirements.

  • Integrated RDC-DD, IEC 62955
  • 3-phase AC charging (Mode 3)
  • Reduced wiring effort via on board charging controller and Push-in CAGE CLAMP®
  • Up to 22 kW via Wirelaid® or HiCu Profile PCB
  • Customizeable size
  • Carrier of AC charge controllers
  • CP/PP interface
  • Locking motor interface
  • Onboard DC power supply (+12V, 5V)

With our help in developing your next charging solutions and the power board you will reach 100% market acceptance. Use our AC power board as a lead customer and benefit from the advantages. Get more information here:

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