Charge Module S Evaluation Board

Ready-to-use Evaluation Board for our Charge Module S. Includes software stack.

Charge Module S Evaluation Board

The CMS Evaluation Board is ideal to gain experience with the Charge Module S.

The EVB includes a CAN controller. Setting up your very first Real Time capable PLC EVCC can be achieved very easy. Code examples in Python are available.

Control of the charging process is done via cyclic CAN messages between the Charge Module and your host conroller. Just provide the needed voltage and current for your Battery via CAN and the Module will do all the ISO 15118 stuff by its own. Deterministic and in real time.

It will monitor the control and proximity pilot according to IEC 61851 / SAE J1772.

Update possibility via CAN and a powerful UDS configuration and debug tool is also included.


  • IEC 61851 / SAE J1772
  • Dual mode ISO 15118 / DIN 70121 SW Stack (DC)
  • CAN interface
  • Ready for AC ISO 15118

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