Charge Module E

Charge Module E is a compact charge controller for AC and DC charging stations: Real-time capable, with a compact footprint and ready-to-use.

Charge Module E


  • PLC communication controller in Charging Stations (EVSE)

The Charge Module E is optimized for PLC charging communication. It manages the communication to the Electric Vehicle (EV) and also takes care of the protocol formalities of the DIN 70121 as well as the ISO 15118-2.

It is able to communicate with the EV via PLC with the common protocols ISO 15118 or DIN 70121 and provides the necessary parameters to your application via e.g. CAN.

Charge Module E provides a smart solution by using the 7 OSI layers running our own V2G charging stack in an embedded platform with small footprint and deterministic responses.

By placing some additional components on your PCB, Charge Module E is also able to manage the CP and PP interface according to the IEC 61851 / SAEJ 1772.

Our well known and proven schematics for generating and sensing these signals will help your Product being compliant to these Standards.

The FW is easy to update, guaranteeing your Product to be ready for all future ISO 15118 Applications, like V2G and PnC.


  • HomePlug Green PHY 1.1
  • Dual mode ISO 15118 / DIN 70121 SW Stack (DC)
  • IEC 61851 / SAEJ 1772
  • CAN-interface (Classic CAN and CAN-FD)
  • Ethernet Interface
  • Ready for ISO 15118 (AC)
  • Ready for Plug and Charge
  • Ready for Bidirectional charging

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