Charge Control D: Compact charge controller with advanced features for functional safety

New product for DC charging stations with RTOS operating system and support for Bluetooth and WiFi

Compact, power-saving and safe - the new Charge Control D product from in-tech smart charging GmbH is a charge controller specifically designed for DC (direct current/fast charging) wallboxes. In contrast to the previous models, this one is not based on a Linux OS, but on a real-time operating system. Additional functional safety is provided by a hardware circuit which controls the Control Pilot (CP) signal and temperature monitoring and terminates charging in case of for example overheating.

Charge Control D is a CCS-compliant charge controller including an integrated software stack. The communication between charging station and e-car is handled via the protocols DIN 70121 and ISO 15118. Due to a slim and lightweight design, the controller was realized in a cost-efficient way. This is also due to the RTOS operating system, which is real-time capable, but with a microcontroller that does not allow custom software additions. Furthermore, this also results in lower power consumption, which is perfect for DC wallboxes.

Plug and Charge capable and bidirectional charging included

In the case of an OCPP connection and for ISO15118-capable vehicles, charging will be available via Plug and Charge in the future. The controller is also designed for bidirectional charging. WiFi and Bluetooth are also supported, as is a Ws2812b LED interface.

Cost-efficient and energy-saving

"Compared to existing products, the Charge Control D has been realized in a much more compact and therefore cost-efficient way. Its low energy consumption and compliance with functional safety regulations make the product predestined for wallbox manufacturers," explains Thomas Wagner, managing director of in-tech smart charging GmbH.

Product samples can be ordered here: